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Liberal Menace

Political Comedy (or just Commentary) from the Liberal Center

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A pleas for sanity from the Liberal Center. A perhaps futile effort to help abolish extremism in all its forms.


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16: Theo on Voting!

Theo explains why even though one vote doesn't decide a national election, it adds you in the group of people that influence the future, and puts positive pressure on establishment power! And if you want to fight hate, Vote Liberal! #VOTE #RockTheVote #Midterms #VoteBlue   (more...)
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15: Theo on Libertarianism!

Theo describes why Libertarianism means paying way more for less, and leads to warlords, gangs, slavery and refugees. President Eisenhower called them stupid, and nothing has changed. Don't fall for the marketing campaign! #libertarian #ConservativeCon #taxes #taxcuts #taxes  (more...)
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14: Theo on the Environment Crisis

Theo asks why right-wing activists and the Republican Party continue to hand out Corporate Welfare for Oil and Gas Companies when Clean, Reusable Energy would lower prices and save the future of the planet! #EnvironmentEconomy #ClimateAction #CleanEnergyWillWin #RenewableEnergy   (more...)

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