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7: Gender Studies with Reed Brice! Transgender Science, LGBTQ Science, Hormonal Therapies, Confirmation Surgeries, Penis Transplants and Much More: Part 1 of 2!

We talk to Reed Brice (@thatdangdingus), a very funny comedian and actor, who is also a non-binary person in the midst of their gender expression journey. We talk about gender confirmation and expression, and the complex spectrum of gender that is well documented in both science and religious history. We talk about exciting new breakthroughs in hormonal treatments, including a trans woman who was able to breastfeed her child. The first ever successful penis and scrotum transplant onto a cis-gender U.S. soldier. New studies about the complex relationship of nature vs nurture leading to one's sexual preferences. We get into some bathroom politics, and even onto dog head transplants and werewolves! This is part 1 of 2 of one of the most interesting episodes we've ever done. We hope you'll enjoy the discussion as much as we did!   (more...)
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1: Breakfast Tacos!

Wherein dave smokes a joint and makes Breakfast Tacos  (more...)
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3: AIpocalypse with Richee Aaron! GO Supremacy, Cheating Algorithms, Suicidal Q-Berts, Robots in Limbo

Comedian and former Engineering Student Richee Aaron joins Dave and Jesse to discuss the present and future of Artificial Intelligence, now that Google's Deep Mind AlphaGo has beaten the top human Go Player years ahead of predictions. Plus game-playing algorithms that have learned to cheat, pause the game or commit suicide for strategic reasons, and a computer with the cognitive abilities to lie and cheat as well as a four-year old human, how long until it learns the ethics and social values of an adult? We don't know, do you?  (more...)