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17: Forensic Psychology with Stephanie Streisand! Live from The Pack Theater in Hollywood!

Dave and Jesse hit the Pack Theater ( for a mini-episode as part of the Podcast Party live show. They are joined by writer for CBS's The Detour and one-time Forensic Psychology major, Stephanie Streisand (@StephStreisand), to talk about the fallibility of eye-witness testimony and how an inadvertent hand gesture can subliminally influence memory, plus DNA evidence and how your "Microbial Cloud" can be used to determine where you've been! Science AF (@scienceafpod) is hosted by @daveciaccio and @jessklein1. Find us at!  (more...)
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16: Theo on Voting!

Theo explains why even though one vote doesn't decide a national election, it adds you in the group of people that influence the future, and puts positive pressure on establishment power! And if you want to fight hate, Vote Liberal! #VOTE #RockTheVote #Midterms #VoteBlue   (more...)
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16: Nuclear Physics with Dr Kevin Peter Hickerson! Ghost Black Holes, Ant Man Atoms, Free Will and Fast Radio Bursts

Nuclear Physicist Dr Kevin Peter Hickerson (@kphickerson) from Surely You're Joking Podcast joins Dave to discuss tiny atoms known as positronium, fields of energy known as ghost black holes, the theory of a cyclical universe, determinism, an infinite universe and new AI that has detected dozens of Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs)! Is it aliens? Of course! Isn't it always?  (more...)